Maggie In Motion

Meet Maggie

Maggie Ann Belcher is a 4 year old little girl born September 7, 2010 to Daniel and Amanda and holds the highly coveted position of middle child. She’s sandwiched between two boys- Will and Jake-she’s the icing of the oreo (well, now with a baby sister). 🙂 Maggie is beautiful. Inside and out. She has such a sweet, funny disposition and loves to laugh! She’s as motivated as she is intelligent and has a thirst for learning that will hopefully never be quenched. And oh my word does she love PINK! Anything pink…clothes, accessories, her bedroom walls, crayons, toys…you name it. She seriously likes strawberry ice cream the best because it’s pink. Maggie loves people, especially her family, including them in every story she tells and any activity she wants to do or place she wants to go. She also enjoys movies and cartoons. Rapunzel, Strawberry Shortcake and Blues Clues currently top her list.  Maggie’s smile lights up a room- attested to by many family members and strangers alike- people who meet her just fall in love. Her warmth and smile along with her love of life leaves quite an impression on so many people. Children flock to her and adults are drawn to her sweetness.


Maggie also has Cerebral Palsy.

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