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Family Yard Sale & Car Wash

This has been an amazing few weeks. Before the trip up, we barely had enough funds to cover the first four weeks. Since that time, however, we’ve received donation, my mom, aunt and friend hosted a yard sale in my absence plus several of my family members in St. Louis have been working very hard to raise money for us as well.

My cousin, Rachel, decided to host a couple fundraisers of her  when she heard we had not yet raised enough to stay for three back-to-back sessions. She decided to have a car wash and yard sale to help us raise funds. She got together with my aunt Rose and they along with Mark, Brooke, Pete, Stefani, Cameron, Michael & Jennifer put together a car wash last weekend (Apr 25). Despite the weather not being in their favor, they raised over $400 for Maggie!


For the yard sale (today 5/2) they received many donations from family members in addition to what they had to sell. Karen, Trina & Riane to name a few plus my aunt Cheri donated a ton of stuff. They baked goods for both events; my cousin, Stefani made some really cute signs with pictures and they told people about Maggie and her progress. They did such a great job. While Rachel, Rose, Mark, Stefani, Cameron & Brendan were working the yard sale, my uncle Pete was helping watch the kids and Brooke and her friends held a car wash at the same place as last week! Hey, why not have two fundraisers in one day?!! Today they raised $1158 so both weekends combined raised about $1,580!

Just wow. Thank you all so much for your hard work and giving so generously of your time, talents and resources to help us!! We are forever grateful. And an extra thank you to Rachel & Mark for holding the sale at your house and finding a place for the car wash. The work and planning involved is substantial, I cannot thank you enough for caring about us so much. THANK YOU!!


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