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Canada part 4: weeks three & four

Each session of the program is measured in 4 weeks. Usually we sign up for one session but after our last visit I had the impression to stay at least 2 sessions back to back and ended up booking 3. So Maggie just finished her first 4 weeks- her first session and we’re 1/3 of the way through.

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As always, Maggie has done just a wonderful job. Sure she still cries and sometimes this trip she can get sassy, but this is haaaard work, and she can also be happy and cheerful. Give and take, just like everything in life. As I’ve mentioned before, the biggest changes usually happen in the first week or two then they work on refining her skills both old and new. So far, this session has been like that, though I don’t know what the next several weeks will bring. 🙂 She started practicing in the walker her first week- both standing and walking, then she started walking in it unassisted and these last couple weeks she’s been getting better and better. Natan even let go of the walker on a few occasions leaving her to walk, push & control/steer the walker on her own. Considering all of this was just introduced to her a couple weeks ago, I’d say she’s doing remarkably well!! This past week she was standing for longer periods and her movements are getting more and more controlled with each day, each week and each visit. I’ve always been able to understand most of what Maggie says, but I can tell even in her speech that her trunk control is improving because Natan is understanding more of what she says the first time she says it.

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About the walker: how is this different from the other times? It’s true we’ve practiced using a walker since our first visit and at home between trips. But, this is different because she’s learning to maintain it herself. Before, I was holding her hands on the walker and taking steps with her, behind her. Now she’s responsible for holding on herself- difficult to do because the tone in her hands. Plus, taking steps. So she has to maintain her trunk, keep her hands on the walker, work to keep her head up and move her legs one at a time. May not sound like it, but that’s a lot! And since she first took unassisted steps, Natan no longer holds her legs at all. He keeps his hands on the walker to help guide it, but that’s it. So this is a really big step for her and very exciting.

I feel very confident we’ll stay for the three sessions thanks to all of you donating, praying and working on Maggie’s behalf. We so appreciate you! I also think it’s very possible that she could go home walking in the walker by herself. One step closer to walking independently, which we still hope to achieve by Kindergarten!! I’m so proud of you, Maggie. You’re such an inspiration to me. I love you.

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