Maggie In Motion

Children’s Trove

I’ve mentioned before that Children’s Trove Consignment has helped us with Maggie’s fundraiser. For about a year now they have donated 10% of any purchase when the shopper mentions Maggie’s name at checkout.

Well, these past couple weeks they took it up a notch. On March 28th, my last Saturday before leaving for Toronto, we held a yard sale fundraiser. Many people donated items to sell and we raised about $1200! My mom, aunt Patti and friend Ginny decided to have another sale with the items we still had (we started with a lot!). So my first weekend here- April 11th- they, along with my dad and Daniel, held another sale and raised almost $600.

After that sale ended, Children’s Trove took any kid items we had remaining and sold them for us! Then last week they held a sale where 10% of ALL sales went to Maggie in Motion and had a round-up at the register (ex. total is 12.78, round up to $13 and the 22 cents goes to Maggie). The staff was very good about requesting the round-up and many customers even donated all their change! This sale, the round-up, the consignment items and a donation from CT, the total raised for Maggie came to $700!!! WOW. The round-up will continue through May. We feel so blessed to have met the owner and staff at Children’s Trove and for their community involvement and support of our little Maggie. They really want to see her walk!! 🙂

It’s not enough, but THANK YOU.

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