Maggie In Motion

To our supporters

This is for anyone and everyone who has prayed for our journey, shared Maggie’s story both verbally with friends & family and across social media, gave so generously of your time, energy, money, talents, goods & service, consigned for us and bought items at the consignment store and those who have hosted fundraisers benefiting Maggie and/or helped with ones we’ve hosted.

THANK YOU so much for helping us get here again! A year and half ago when we first visited Health in Motion and started building this website, we could not have imagined the magnitude of generosity that would pour out on our family. Every time I say or write the words “thank you” it falls incredibly short of actually expressing our gratitude. I’m not sure words in the English language (or any other for that matter) exist to convey the depth of our appreciation. How can you truly thank someone for helping your child?!

Your generosity, whether it’s monetary, time or any of the aforementioned gifts, is actively helping our daughter achieve mobility that most likely would not have been possible otherwise. Every dollar donated to Maggie’s fundraiser gets us one dollar closer to another trip or keeping her here longer and ultimately an independent life. That’s a BIG deal!!! A really big deal. I’ve told you before none of the doctors said the words “your daughter will never walk so don’t even bother trying” but we were gently advised on more than one occasion to consider a wheelchair.┬áBut there was a part of me that always knew Maggie had something in her, that it was possible for her to walk. And you’ve helped bring that feeling to fruition.

Helping someone stay out of a wheelchair means more than independence, as if that’s not enough. But also future problems. Living life sitting down will likely lead to pain and/or discomfort. Un-used muscles atrophy and gravity pulls you down from sitting all the time. Degeneration starts to take place because the body isn’t being used, muscles are still. Sit curled up in a ball for an hour or two and you’ll be so happy to stretch out. Ever sat in a car for many hours in a row? It feels so good to get out and move, stretch, get out of the same position which leads to discomfort. Our muscles were meant to be used, stretched, worked. Imagine not getting our of that car or having to stay curled up in that ball for weeks, months, years. We all know the answer- eventually the best case scenario is mild discomfort, but most likely pain will set in.

Yes, there are many reasons a parent doesn’t want their child in a wheelchair, but apart from the obvious ones is a future of inactivity and likely physical pain as a result. If we CAN prevent that, we certainly want to try. And Maggie is so active of mind and body; she has always found a way to be mobile. But she can’t crawl across the street into the grocery store.

So I say all that in an attempt to effectively express what you’re doing for us. For Maggie. And our gratitude. We know you can spend your time, talents and money doing a lot of things, supporting a lot of good, worthy causes and we’re so thankful you have chosen to support us, our little girl. We, of course, know she’s worth it and are so glad you do too. THANK YOU!!

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