Maggie In Motion

Canada part 4: week two

Maggie finished her second week at Health in Motion and she did a great job! As always. 🙂 Maggie’s work in the walker has improved greatly this week. We had a little bit of the cross arms and not wanting to work at the beginning of the week but Thursday and Friday were pretty much argument and tear free. Not only is she getting better about holding on, keeping her head forward and wobbling less, but also she’s not as scared of the walker anymore. I’m sure those two things aren’t related at all. 🙂 Mind over matter! Her transition to sitting up is smoother, her ball work is amazing- she’s readily transferring the ball from side to side and handing off to Natan much better than before, plus she stood for a long time. I didn’t count from the beginning but I’m guessing around 8-10 seconds. It was awhile. Then we she fell, it was a controlled fall, landed on her hands with her head up.

DSC_0567 DSC_0584 DSC_0602DSC_0574


And Maggie is not only strong-willed and hard working but she’s also very smart. We always explain things to her, especially when she asks “why?” or “what’s the plan, Natan?” but this trip more than before I’ve spent a lot of time explaining to her the reasons behind every move and how they’re all related. Even though she’s heard this plenty of times before, I think Maggie’s starting to see the correlation between the movements Natan teaches her and how her body learns to complete these tasks without assistance. The more she does, the less we do. As Natan always says. 🙂 I love you my Maggie Moo and I’m so proud of you!! It’s been a great week. Except we miss our boys at home:(


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