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Canada part 4- week one

Maggie just finished her first week here at Health in Motion. We arrived safely in Toronto on Easter Sunday and got straight to work Monday morning! So far this trip Natan has put a stronger focus on standing and working in a walker, which I’m stoked about. He always goes through the routine- rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, working on the ball, walking- but much like there was a focus on teaching Maggie to sit up on her own last trip, they’re working a lot on standing, particularly with the walker.

DSC_0480 DSC_0546[1] DSC_0523[1]DSC_0533[1]

Everything works on Maggie’s trunk, as it’s the foundation needed to perform every task. There’s no way to stand without being able to control your trunk. The previous 3 visits (and work at home) have developed Maggie’s trunk enough that she’s ready to work toward this next goal. So very exciting!!! I think it’s very possible she’ll go home walking in the walker, particularly if we’re able to stay three back-to-back sessions as we’ve planned and been working toward. As you’ll see to the right, we haven’t quite reached our goal.

With this new task comes some growing pains. Standing with the walker is pretty scary for Maggie. Yes, we work in a walker at home, but I’m behind her, holding her hands as she walks. Natan is not holding her hands, he’s requiring her to do so which is a whole different level and again, scary and difficult for her. Maggie has primarily been on the floor for her entire life and now she’s standing up and having to hold on herself- it’s a big step. But Natan wouldn’t have her do it if he didn’t know she could. She’s ready. And she’s doing a great job: Maggie has stood independently with the walker for at least 20 seconds three different times this week!!

DSC_0528[1] DSC_0537[1] DSC_0538[1]DSC_0515[1]

I’m so proud of my sweet little Maggie Moo! This girl is such a hard worker and has incredible perseverance! I love how in the midst of all this hard work she finds moments to laugh, smile and be silly. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us get here, our 4th trip. Thanks to Natan and his program and Maggie’s great work, big things are happening- words cannot express how grateful we are for you being a part of this with us!!! You’re making a big difference in our little girl’s life.


3 thoughts on “Canada part 4- week one

  1. Pam.

    Ms Amanda Thank you for sharing hoe maggie is doing. Let her know I am very proud of her. We miss her at school. Tell her tha ms Pam misses her and love her deeply.

  2. Buffy

    We are soooo proud of Maggie (and her family). Prayers are being answered. We love you all!
    Love Uncle Mark, Aunt Buffy, Bailey, Samuel and Benton

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