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A St. Louis Trivia

After our first trip last year, we decided to start fundraising so we could return to Health in Motion. We didn’t and still don’t exactly know how many trips we would need to take, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to pay for it ourselves unless we somehow managed to have zero- or at least nearly zero- monthly expenses. I considered doing a fundraiser in St. Louis and while planning our first trivia night in February, I learned that above anywhere else, trivia nights are huge in St. Louis.

November 08 (802)November 08 (808)

Since we have such a large family there who also have extended family, friends and co-workers, it seemed like an obvious choice. I was hesitant only because I thought planning an out of state fundraiser would be very difficult, but it turns out my family was ready and willing to jump in and help!! We chose November 8th for the St. Louis trivia night. And it was a big success! Thanks to our family and friends, we had 8 full tables- 64 players- plus some helpers. My cousins pounded the pavement and found a location, business donations for raffle, auction and prize items, plus my aunts and uncles made some baskets, donated services and got some autographed hockey pucks for the auction. Several people filled their own tables and we had tons of auction items, lots of good raffle baskets, plus a 50/50 raffle and some games– a football pool for the Alabama/LSU game played that night plus the Who’s Older? game and the Elimination Game. I actually planned to play heads or tails but kept forgetting to bring up a coin, so ended up playing my backup game- elimination- and ran out of time to play heads or tails. We had a GREAT night. And you want to know the totals, right? We made $4,007 total from the St. Louis trivia night and we cleared $3,701.45 after expenses!! Pictures, breakdowns and shout outs below! November 08 (804)November 08 (819) November 08 (823) November 08 (825) November 08 (829) November 08 (830) November 08 (837)

Shout-outs for the evening– those that helped make this event possible:

Katie Cowell- our MC for the evening, thank you for coming out on a Saturday night and doing such a great job with the trivia!

Matt Decker- my cousin, for searching and securing the VFW, without a location, no trivia could be had!

Megan Mannion- for helping me plan the event, securing our MC, business donations for prizes, raffles and auction items, including autographed hockey pucks and filling a whole trivia table

Stefani Faulkner- my cousin for helping plan the event, obtaining business donations for prizes, raffles, auction items and donating a few of your own, plus working the event and keeping me sane and hosting us at her home

Rose & Pete Decker- my aunt for helping with event ideas and planning, making baskets plus desserts and cocoa to sell and working at trivia night to keep things running smooth and my uncle for playing trivia, setup and cleanup and helping with Maggie at the event and all weekend, plus hosting us at their home

Jimmy Mannion- my uncle for helping with event ideas- the football pool was a huge success- for getting multiple autographed hockey pucks donated to the auction and along with my Aunt Karen, filling a whole trivia table

Karen and Bill George- my parents for driving all the way up from TN, donating items for the auction, baking items to sell, entertaining our guests/working at the event and helping with the setup and cleanup, your support is always willing and appreciated

Tracy George- my sister for driving up from TN to play trivia and along with her friend, Christina, filling a table

Cheri Stein & Tim Dickherber- my aunt and her fiance for donating contracts from their business for the auction and baskets for the raffle

Sue & Jack Happe- my great aunt and uncle for donating appliances to our auction

Brendan, Lily and Conor Mannion- Bren for working the registration table, Lily for helping with the raffles and working the night and all for closing us out at the end

Everyone- for coming out, filling tables, entertaining Maggie and supporting our endeavor to see Maggie walk into school on her first day of Kindergarten!!


Breakdowns for those interested:

Trivia Seats- $960

Silent Auction- $1,251

50/50 raffle- $304

Other raffles (baskets)- $314

Football Pool- $200

Other games (Who’s Older/Elimination game)- $49

Mulligans- $60

Desserts/Cocoa jars- $94

Scarves/necklaces- $35

Other donations- 740

The people who won the football pool and 50/50 all very generously donated their winnings back to Maggie!! Thank you so much to everyone who came out that night from near and far, those who helped make the night possible and to those who donated in lieu of attendance. You have no idea what this means to us and how grateful we are that all of you so willingly took time out of your weekend to play trivia for Maggie and/or donate to her cause! Our goal is to take Maggie to Health in Motion 3 times next year- more if we need to/can, so we need to raise about $30,000. This gives us a great push in that direction!!

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